Actually many sex addicts aren’t interested in lots of sex from their wife or husband. The loss of interest is one of the signs. All the sexual energy is spent on masturbation or seeing other people.

My ex claimed it was his long work hours. It wasn’t until the marriage was over and that I discovered he was stopping at a motel and soliciting sex workers on his way home. He even sent photos of broken machinery to me to justify his lateness. Now i know it was a complete fabrication.

No, he hid all of this well. Even fooled three mental health counselors into believing his was in recovery when he wasn’t.

Your scorn over me being a professional and missing this? Oh yeah, I get it. In fact, try being me. I have been much harder on me. The shame and embarrassment was so great I said nothing to no one for nearly a year. How in the world did I miss this? How could I have married someone this sick? I was sick and speechless.

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