Certain categories seem to perform much better. Articles on my dating, sexual experiences, and some trauma-related incidences have done the best. I’ve had a few viral posts. One is fast approaching 100k readers.

(I wonder what it’s like to hit 1 million readers. Can you imagine?)

There are so many factors that influence the amount of money earned. Even length of story and percentage read have a dramatic impact. (There’s an interesting article comparing 100k across a couple different categories. Mine has far outperformed his example — all fascinating.)

Writing on this forum has taught me a lot. I’ve gotten to test topics, develop a stronger voice, and engage in conversations with people around the world regarding a few difficult subjects.

I’ve made many new friendships and incredible working relationship. Amazing and crazy-talented people who I now can’t imagine my life without them, like Marilyn Regan, Gaby Rosales, Lori Steffen, Emma Robbins, Ashley Shannon, Adrienne Bray-ann Grimes, Meg Stewart, Josefina, Andrea Firth, and Shaunta Grimes, to name a few ❤️.

I appreciate the income I’ve earned here, but honestly, there are so many other unexpected and fantastic benefits. I’m so very grateful for this platform. It’s enriched my life in truly unexpected ways. And now I’ve met you too!

Here’s hoping your next three months are even better!

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