Dear Stephanie,

I have started watching Dietland on your recommendation. At times the shows has had me in tears with its beautiful vulnerability. They casted the perfect woman to play the lead. I love her. The scene in which she reveals she thought as a child that people stopped to take photos of her childhood home because of her overweight status was powerful. Don’t we do that? Assume it’s our flaws which results in us not having the love we desire?

Thank you for turning me on to this show! I don’t know how I missed it.

Ok, so I made it through episode 2. Which stories line were you thinking in re: to me? There were two mother-daughter stories in that episode: the main character interacts with her mom, and then she meets the woman who’s mother was the figurehead for the Baptist Weight Loss program (or whatever it’s called) and this woman takes her on as a free client.

Thank you for your lovely encouraging words:). I’m thrilled you like my content. That means a lot.

Wishing you all the best!


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