Excellent article! Thank you for taking a stance and pointing this out. As another writer who also addresses abuse, I’m exhausted by the shit thrown at me for simply saying the truth.

Yes, all the same things are written to me. The nastiness. It’s shocking. One guy commented today about how out of touch I am. That there is no such thing as sexual addiction. That it’s what all men do it and to get over it.

I’m thankful for the healthy men in my life who demonstrate that not all men are assholes. Taking a stance on public forum as a woman of tough. It takes a huge toll.

Thank you very much for setting the record straight. Bold move. One needed. You are my hero.

Wishing you all the best – Kerry

Hey, one more thought – have you seen Lundy Bancroft’s work? If not, there is a FANTASTIC book he wrote, called Why Does He Do That? Excellent read.

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