I don’t know what this is comment is in relationship to since I can’t see what article it’s connected to. Sorry if I miss the boat on what specifically you’re asking.

I’ve been thinking on your question about male entitlement all day.

Here’s some of my thoughts-

If you think about it, most men are really the not the last one on the totem pole when it comes to life’s problems. Most of the time, there’s someone behind them who cleans up their messes. Bosses can blame problems onto their employees or suppliers. Husband count on their wives. Sons their parents. It’s a rare guy who hasn’t no one to back him up or to bale him out. And many men expect this kind of help, even feel entitled to it.

Many women don’t get that luxury. If we get pregnant we will either suffer an abortion or have to give birth. If we keep the baby we are the ones looking out for this kid most of the time. We might get financial help but raising the child will cost us our freedom and independence.

Men at the start of the dating relationship have no problem announcing their desire for sex. Can you imagine if women were as pushy for our agenda? That wouldn’t go over well. So why do men get away with this? Why do they get to set the agenda?

And in sexual relationships, too many women silently put with shit we don’t want. Our orgasms are too often left in the dust. And porn suggests we want to be slapped, to be jack hammered, to have our hair pulled, to have our breast pinched, and to have cum on our faces. What if men were treated as crudely. Or as abusively?

We are either insulted or sexualized. If were too assertive, we being bitchy. And if we have a reaction, we’re being overly emotional. We can’t win.

Yet men don’t live under this pressure. You get throw things. Lose your cool. Swear. You’re expected to do stupid shit. Everyone laughs it off like it’s no big deal. Women are sluts if we do that same.

What’s male entitlement? It that you expect the world to part for you. That you should get what you want without consequences. You get to be in control and an asshole, if you so choose.

But it doesn’t work this way for women.

That’s my definition of male entitlement. Do all men take advantage of it? Thankfully no. But I wish the deck was stacked fairly for both sexes.

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Psychologist/Author. Quora & Medium Top Writer. Mom of three, Autistic woman, Relationship expert kerry@kerrymcavoyphd.com

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