I love your list. I’m online dating too. I can think of three more types to add:

  1. The middle-aged narcissist – he pads his profile with photos of mountain climbing, skydiving, or scuba diving. He wants to show you he’s still got what it takes. His profile description includes a mention of his high powered job or paid off house. He describes how fit and healthy he is, and expect you to be too. After all, only the best for him. He’s divorced and looking for an upgrade to the woman he left. You know, the mother of his children? He’s on the lookout for someone with a hot bod who will look good on his arm.
  2. The sex addict – at first he’s subtle. He’ll tell you what you want to hear and will say all the right things. He’s charming and romantic. You’ll think you’ve become the luckiest woman in the world. Dates are magical but then when it ends, he goes oddly missing. Then he’s unavailable some nights or weekends. During these periods, he only sends a few brief text near the start of the days and then for the rest of the day he’s no where to be found. When you’re on a date with him, he’s oddly attached to his phone. It’s never leaves his sight and stays locked. He may ask for photos and videos from you. Of course we know what those are for. Watch out, he’s the older, more sophisticated version of the f**kboy. He’s using notes to keep all the women he’ stringing along straight in his mind. It’s all a con. You’ll end up with a broken heart if you fall for him, since he’s incapable of loving anybody but himself.
  3. The idealist commitment phobe: You match on the app and shortly after your initial ice-breaker text he responds enthusiastically. For the next day or two you chat off and on. He acts all-in, excited, and raring to meet. He seems great. It feels so good to be pursued like this. But the invitation for a date never comes. And after the first flurry of texts, they’ve tampered off as well. You check and ask if everything is alright. He’s been busy he responds. You finally ask to meet. His replies ignore your suggestion, so you ask again. He either stops texting all together or he agrees on a day and time only to cancel the night before. This guy is in love the idea of falling in love but too scared to take on the risk with any particular woman. He loves the initial connection he feels with since he’s an anxious idealist but once the relationship starts to feel more real, he moves on.

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