I see how my lack of details defining the abusive behavior has been frustrating to several of you.

The commenter, Eloi, asked a similar question. I gave a better picture to him. I hope my answer there satisfies your concerns.

A direct answer – oh goodness no. None of what you expressed as concerns is true.

This wasn’t about the quality of my marriage’s intimate life. Sex is great. I think it’s a vital part of a healthy relationship.

The issue was that he deceived and hid the fact that he wasn’t monogamous. He could have been honest and explained he wanted an polyamorous lifestyle. But he didn’t. He didn’t want an open marriage. He was even insanely jealous if I emailed a man regarding work issues. He wanted to control our sexual life while seeing numerous other women.

Please read my detailed description to Eloi. Sorry you didn’t get a better picture in this article.


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