I would love that. Next time you are in my neck of Texas, give me a holler and lets you, your main squeeze, and I go out for a drink or two. I think we have lots to talk about.

The points you are making are dead-on. In fact I just fired my matchmaking services after four failed dates for two reasons. First, they are only allowing virtual dates. It’s already hard enough to get a guy to ask someone out. They don’t need more encouragement not to. To keep things virtual. Not a good practice.

Secondly, the quality of men I was meeting was a notch below the ones I vetted for myself. So why should I spend a boatload of money to meet lesser candidates. No thank you. I can do that for myself and much cheaper.

Your analysis of the root cause of the male problem is spot on, in my humble opinion. The advent of easy, often free, porn is destroying relationships. It’s a very controversial argument. One most people don’t have the balls to make, but you did it. You made the claim. So thank you.

I have heard several women openly say they wish they were attracted to the female gender so they could bypass having a relationship with a man altogether. I’ve even said it on occasion myself. After a few dates with someone who holds down the conversation for two or more hours, mansplain constantly, and shows a scary lack of insight and empathy, you can see why some women are feeling this way.

I read a recent article by a psychologist who has become so alarmed by the direction most porn has taken that she no longer uses it as part of her couple treatments. There is an alarming blend of violence with sex. Women are no more than orifices for men to stick something into. It dumbs us down and strips us of our voice, personality, and brain. All very alarming.

I haven’t come right out and said since I know it would be a terribly unpopular position. But reading through the comments — especially my pieces called What It’s Like to be Married to a Sex Addict — there is a clear line between men who are caught up in the spell of it and those who see what’s happening. It will take a collective response to change things.

Meanwhile the rates of remarriage or marriages will continue to drop, rates of erectile dysfuntioning will continue to climb, and the tension between the sexes will grow. I worry there will be an increase of crimes against women as well. We’ll see. The social experiment continues thanks to Larry Flynt. My friend just wrote a fascinating piece.

Thanks, Alan. This is always fun.

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Psychologist/Author. Quora & Medium Top Writer. Mom of three, Autistic woman, Relationship expert kerry@kerrymcavoyphd.com

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