It seems women are the punchline to most sexual acting out. We give it up too easily, or we’re a tease for holding out. We are too uptight or too loose. We’re a joke because we are too old. Or we’re young, gullible and too trusting. No matter how you cut we end up looking like the stupid one.

A question for you… why aren’t older men mentoring the younger ones on what it means to be a man of honor? Where is the passing of the baton on what it means to behave with sexual integrity, loyalty, and trust? Where did all these guys’ bad habits and practices come from?

I agree with you. It’s terribly not fair. It’s too bad I’m being encouraged to be careful. The focus once again is in the wrong direction. Women should not have to be the gatekeepers to good sexuality practices. Men should be owning their half of the problem much, much better.

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