It’s odd how self-fulfilling prophecy works. We get what we believe is real. Our unconscious mind orchestras the scenario so that set of circumstances come true.

A teacher was told which students were the brightest among her new group of students. Sure enough, those kids did well that year. Here’s the kicker — was the list of bright student was randomly assigned! The teacher got what she believed.

Your comment about us running out of time got me thinking about that. Time is a constant variable. We’re the element that fluctuates. And as you said, we set the priorities.

Your doppelgänger story made me sad. I’ve been thinking a lot about my late husband. I was relieved he has such odd facial features. Told myself, Whew! at least I won’t bump into his doppelgänger. Recently I saw someone who was close. Similar enough I thought of him.

Grief is a strange thing. Bittersweet. The pain of missing hurts in a good way. My dad used to say (he’s gone too) it’s a “good miss.”

There you’ve gone and done it. I’m crying again.

❤️ as always… love your stuff, Linda.

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