Loved your suggestions for Shannon. :)

I’m from Austin as well! Nice to meet you.

I recently stepped away from dating after too many pushes for casual sex despite my clearly indicated “demisexusl” status. One guy texted me right after our first meeting to ask if I would ever be open to having sex with him?

Really? I reiterated I needed the space to develop feelings for him.

Sex is a great way to generated those feelings, he texted.

Not for me I explained. I’m not attracted to anyone until I get to know them, I texted one more time.

To which he mis-used one of my articles I wrote on flirting by telling me that I needed to take my own advice.

Good grief! (sigh)

It’s been a quiet 10 days since the dating apps have been turned off. Feels good – until it doesn’t.

Great advice. Thanks.


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