My experience suggests this isn’t unique to the Bible Belt. I lived in that area for awhile. Then I moved away. It’s not better or worse related to this problem. Trust me. It’s bad everywhere.

Later in life I married the type of man you’re describing. He was managing upward to seven relationships at one time I met him. I had no clue. He was from another country and doing this where he lived and with women in his home country. I’ve resisted saying it a problem with his culture (although it sure felt that way to me!) but rather defined it as his dysfunction.

Since then I’ve met many current and former partners of this ilk from all over USA and the continents of North and South America. And yep, these guys act very, very similar. They use the same line of reasoning, same MO, and same excuses. And they are always the victim. It’s the first card they pull out of their pack of excuses.

Could it be that this a related to this type of behavior/lifestyle that has nothing to do with the geographical culture? Just a thought.

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