Oh okay, yeah that makes sense. Some have a “submit” link in their banner which provides instructions. The Medium run ones don’t. They find you.

I write for P. S. I Love You on nearly a weekly basis. They accept new Writer pitches the first few days of each new month. I also am in Publishious, The Writing Cooperative, The Ascent, and Sexography.

I’ve notice some publications don’t always provide submission guidelines. I haven’t tried to contact them. But if I wanted to write for them, I would go to the about page of that publication to identify the editor(s) and then send a personal email.

That page can be tricky to find but I think I discovered how last night.

In your browser, enter the http://medium.com/(name of publication)/about

That should pull it up for you.

In this email to the editor, I’d be sure to include my Medium profile link, writing credentials, some links to my best articles, and maybe a link to a proposed draft article for that publication.

If they don’t provide submission guidelines, I would carefully comb their articles for their preferred style of writing and formatting preferences.

I hope this helps. It shouldn’t be a “pie in the sky” experience. Let me know if you run into other trouble. My email address is listed on my profile page. I’d be happy to assist if I can.

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