Seriously? I’m frigid that’s why he deceived me? Lol. Ah no!

You’re right, though, there was another variable. It was for my money! He was broke and getting fired nearly every year. (One wife told me he was sexually acting out on the job. I learned that he solicited prostitutes during work hours, but I can’t attest to her claim — although I wouldn’t doubt it.) I was a recent widow… he saw a mark and he conned me.

I felt was something off and even hired a professional investigator to do a background check. The detective missed my ex’s forty year history of sexual misconduct. How sad is that?

Yes, he’s been acting out- affairs, sexting, and soliciting prostitutes for nearly forty or more years. I was in his life the last three years. This has nothing to do with me.

Please refer to Omar Minwalla’s research. Sexual addiction is sexual perpetration. It’s abuse.

To accuse the female partner is old-fashioned, out-of-touch and misogynistic.

And it’s odd that no one is looking into my history to see what else I might have written on the topic. I didn’t want to repeat what I had already done. i didn’t include the link because to avoid self promotion. I see now thst was a mistake.

Here’s an article I posted late last year.

I’m sorry but you are way off the mark.

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