Thank you for this piece. It’s heartbreaking and something I needed to read today.

See, he left me for her. They are together now. He’s already posting cute photos of the two of them grinning ear to ear. It cuts deep. Horribly deep.

At first I hated her. I wanted to blame her for my situation. However thirty or more photos of other women he’s been sexting tells me it’s not as simple as that. Honestly? It breaks my heart for her. No one deserves to be treated as second class or third or fourth or even last. The blame must sit squarely on him.

I wonder if he ever loved me, but then I remind myself I’m not sure he can love anyone.

She claims he’s the best man she’s ever met and that their love transcends all normal morals and rules. I can tell her that his love for her does not. He loves only himself and then next that funny rush he gets when he’s in hot pursuit.

Is she aware he dehumanizes women to such a point that he refers to them as meat?

I wish she knew her true value. That there’s so much more to love and to being loved than learning how to make food just the way he likes it or losing more weight so he feels better being seen with her.

Does she know he has more than one STD? I got lucky and missed that bullet, but will she be?

You’re absolutely right – her and I are in the same boat. Yeah, we got there by different routes – I married him and she cheated on me with him, but we are still in that boat of choosing someone who is broken and dysfunctional.

I’m out with plans never to fall for someone like him again.

Will she be as fortunate? I’m glad you are.

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Psychologist/Author. Quora & Medium Top Writer. Mom of three, Autistic woman, Relationship expert

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