Thank you taking the time to provide a careful response. I can tell you did not read through all the comments or have seen the list behaviors being discussed.

Please note my ex diagnosed himself as a sex addict and two outside trained clinicians concurred with him. He also completed an extensive diagnostic assessment which also supported this diagnosis.

This was not a matter of differing sex drives or differing definitions of relationship intimacy, as you suggest.

I also wrote about this issue in greater detail in the following articles:

The sad thing is that once again this is being described as some illusion of mine rather then something horrible I suffered. Such a odd twisting of the events, and all drawn from a 1100-word essay. No mental health professional would ever deem such limited context as enough information for a diagnosis.

To learn more valuable informative, please visit the website of the leading expert in this field, Dr. Omar Minwalla.

You can learn more about his research at

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