Thanks for your comment. Jamie, this is NOT normal sexual behavior. I’ve treated hundreds of clients of various disorders. I was also married 31 years to my first husband before he lost the battle to cancer.

Then I married someone with a sex addiction problem. There’s nothing normal about this disease, unless you are telling me it’s normal for you to struggle getting and maintaining an erection, penetrating a woman, pleasing her to climax, and even desiring her. That you prefer your phone snd computer (and hand) over real sex. That you are paying for prostitutes, cheating on your main partner, snd sexting tens to hundreds of women. That you are having unprotected sex, including anal with strangers. And you are lying, deceiving, gaslighting, blame shifting, and covering all this up to keep your wife or main girlfriend from knowing.

That’s what you are up to? You are doing all those things? Are the other men you know doing all those things? That’s normal? Really?

I sure hope not. If so, I feel really sorry for you and anyone having sex with you. Btw, my the first husband? No Porn use. Never cheated on me. He could get it up and, man, it was amazing. He lasted and lasted and lasted. We often climaxed together. He once made me weep with joy.

Ah, no – – there was nothing normal about my sex life with the sex addict.

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