Unfortunately the initial phone call failed to reveal this guy wasn’t ready to be dating, which is unusual. I agree getting better at recognizing emotionally stunted candidates would save a lot of time. Like most things in life, it takes practice to get better at identifying these individuals.

One guy I met, for example, was amazing. Nothing like his boring profile and texting persona. Empathetic, thoughtful, and interesting.

Early judgements sometimes are wrong. At least once in awhile. If I had gone by my initial assessment, I would have never agreed to meet him. That would have been a missed opportunity.

Like women, many men also have lists of preferences. My qualities rarely make it on those. I’m too smart, have too much education, have generous physical curves, and am talented. Their loss:). I’m confident there’s at least one needle in that big haystack of men who will finds these traits and skills of mine wonderful.

Yes, I will report back on the matchmaking services!

Thanks for your comments.

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