Very cool way of viewing each connection.

Lately my matches have emotionally rushed me. “You’re the one! I just know it!” I hear. I politely tell them we haven’t met but let’s get to know each other. But the emotional overtones are so intense on their part that I end up backing up. I feel trapped by someone whose essentially a stranger. And if we do meet and it’s nice but not worth taking up more time dating I’ll mostly be the one who will have to call it, because he’s already seeing stars and rainbows. That’s a lot of emotional work that I’m frankly not into right now. I don’t have the bandwidth.

One guy has begun to harass me. I’ve blocked his number and profile. He gets a hold of a new number to call and then whines about why I won’t meet. Really? Which part of all of this behavior would entice me to get to know you?

I’d love it to be about connected and seeing if a relationship grows. That seems to take a lot of maturity in both parties that seems to be lacking in the people I meet these days. I’m not sure what app you’re on but, wow!, that’d be great.

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