Yeah he is a real piece of work. I’m editing a manuscript for a novel I plan to publish this year based on this story. It’s called Love You More. I always thought this story was a perfect made-for-TV movie. We’ll see. Thanks for suggestion. That’s interesting.

I have been told that I can still have my hair analyzed. Since I have little scalp hair that may be a moot point. I don’t know. I’ll see. A Poison Control nurse said a few months ago that too much time had passed. I can’t prosecute since this didn’t happen in the US but internationally.

The part I didn’t include in the story was that I spoke to an ex wife after the divorce. I was interviewing her for the book. Out of the clear blue she said, “I think he was poisoning me.” I got chills. He had done this before.

After each of my collapse he would be shaken and say, “I just realized how much I’d miss you.”

Ar the time I thought it was the oddest comment. Like he was ambivalent about the possible outcome of his actions. Yet he rarely considered the big picture since he was an impulsive person.

I now believe that this man and his lover targeted me from the beginning because I was a widow. They were going hot and heavy the entire time we were together and secretly met off and on. I suspect my marriage, from start to finish, was a con. Thankfully some extraneous circumstances (my son’s leukemia diagnosis) intervened and messed up his plans.

Now just to feel better. To get to the bottom of my GI pain, liver issues, and possible prediabetic condition. Sigh.

Thanks once again for reaching out. That means a lot.

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Psychologist/Author. Quora & Medium Top Writer. Mom of three, Autistic woman, Relationship expert

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