Yes, I think you did since you worked with the population.

In regards my stereotypical notion of autism – that’s quite a comment there, John.

Other women ASD were pleased I included that observation in the article since it’s a common misperception of autism. In fact getting a diagnosis of autism as a woman is very difficult due to clinicians’ biases. This article does a great job describing autistic women experiences with mental health specialists.

I’m not the only one with outdated stereotypical prejudices-

Please remember, psychology is a massive field with huge specialties, such as forensic, organizational, clinical, school, etc. No, I’m an expert in all things psychology. In fact, earning the PhD in 1991 showed me that all I know is a drop in the bucket compared the vast scope of knowledge of this rapidly changing field.

And remember I was trained in the 1980’s and retired five years ago. That’s a lifetime ago in regards to ASD.

This past week I’ve read loads of material on the ASD and now know there’s a vast range of presentation. Many have speech difficulties, I don’t. My son does. Others struggle with eye contact. I mildly do. My son does not.

As far as your comment ASD individuals often don’t get along with other people on the spectrum – that’s odd since research suggests those on the spectrum tend to marry one another. Apparently that’s not always the case.

Thanks for reading my essay and for taking the time to comment.

Best wishes –


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Psychologist/Author. Quora & Medium Top Writer. Mom of three, Autistic woman, Relationship expert

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